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Wellness Physical Therapy

Become a lifelong active, mobile and healthy person.


We specialize in helping people stay active, mobile and healthy to maximize their potential and enjoyment in life, activity and sport.

What is Wellness Physical Therapy?

Wellness physical therapy programs are utilized by individuals for various health, wellness and performance goals: strength and conditioning programs, return to sport, running, walking or hiking programs, injury prevention and risk reduction programs, continuance of physical therapy after insurance exhaustion, treatment sought after biomechanical analysis, and treatment sought by individuals who have no specific pathology but desire to improve their movement performance.


Wellness physical therapy is often utilized by the client who has finished formal rehabilitation and is looking to return to the demand of their sport with reduced risk of re-injury. Wellness physical therapy is non-insurance based service provided by DSMC.  

Entrance into a wellness physical program begins with a wellness physical therapy evaluation to assess movement impairments in strength, range of motion, stability and biomechanics.  From the evaluation a treatment plan is then developed with the focus on the individual’s health, wellness and performance goals.

Wellness Programs at DSMC

To inquire about cost, availability, program details, or to speak to a clinician about a program, use the buttons below to be brought to a program's dedicated page (this helps us make sure the right person is able to answer your questions). 

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Running Program

It estimated that 65-85% of all runners are injured every year, sidelining them from achieving their goals in health, wellness and competition. Based upon the most current running medicine research...

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Return to Sport

The primary predictor of re-injury is prior injury.  The problem is that athletes often return to sport after injury unprepared. They lack...

Sports Performance Icon.jpg

Sports Performance

Do you have what it takes to maximize your potential and enjoyment in sport? Do you feel something is holding you back from reaching your peak potential? 

Walking  Hiking Icon.jpg

Walking / Hiking

Doylestown Sports Medicine Center has developed a comprehensive walking and hiking program with the objectives of...

Strength & Conditioning Icon.jpg

Strength & Conditioning

Have you or someone that you know ever started a gym or exercise program just to end up in eight to twelve weeks with pain and injury. There you sit sidelined from exercise in pain watching all...

Step Down Program Icon.jpg

Step Down Program

When you finished you physical therapy and are unsure of how to return to the gym or your activities this program is for you....

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