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Return to Sport Program

The DSMC Return to Sport Program provides YOU with the best possible shot at returning to sport safely and reaching your maximum potential! 

About the Return to Sport Program

The primary predictor of re-injury is prior injury. The problem is that athletes often return to sport after injury completely unprepared because they lack the flexibility, strength, stability, neuromuscular control and/or the biomechanics that their sport demands. These "kinks in the armor" not only place athletes at higher risk of re-injury, but also risk of injuring other areas as the compensate around the kinks. Furthermore, the athlete is less likely to reach their maximum performance potential in their sport when they return unprepared. Doylestown Sports Medicine Center has developed a Comprehensive Return to Sport Program with the objectives of:

  • Assisting athletes who have rehabilitated, but just can't seem to reach the performance level that the were at prior to injury.

  • Assisting athletes who desire a safer path to return to sport after injury.

  • Assisting athletes who want the best shot at obtaining there maximum performance potential after injury.

  • Assisting athletes who can't seem to stay on the field because of nagging injuries.

How the Return to Gym Program Works

1. The Evaluation

DSMC's program begins with a complete neuromusculoskeletal physical therapy evaluation. The evaluation assesses the specific neuromuscular requirements of running.  Got kinks in your armor?  Lets sort out what and where they are!

 A comprehensive review of patient history and training history is completed.​​ Assessment of range of motion, strength, flexibility and stability required of the body for your sport are assessed.

A complete biomechanical walking and hiking analysis can also be performed to learn "How" you walk/hike. See our Return to Sport Analysis page.

2. The Plan

From the evaluation an individualized program is developed with the athlete based upon their specific needs and goals.

Need to Learn How To:​

  • ​Build strength to improve performance?  We can help!

  • Gain flexibility to move more efficiently?  We can help!

  • Improve stability to stop and prevent nagging injuries? We can help!

  • Learn how to move more effectively and efficiently in sport?  We can help!

  • Improve speed and performance?  We can help!

3. Treatment

Deficits in posture, range of motion, strength, joint mobility/stability and core stability are addressed through physical therapy interventions to restore the neuromuscular and biomechanical requirements of your sport.

Form drills are implemented to address the individual’s biomechanical impairments in sport specific maneuvers.

A systematic and progressive transition to sport program is initiated for the athlete. The program allows for the moderation of mechanical stress loaded into the body..

Want Help Deciding if DSMC is Right For You?

*Note: there is no treatment given at one of our taster sessions. It’s for you to ask us more questions and for us to confirm whether or not we think we can help you.

Do you have what it takes to Return to Your Sport?
  • The Flexibility?

  • The Strength?

  • The Stability?

  • The Neuromuscular Control?

  • The Mechanics?

Join the Many Others Who Have Benefited from this Information Through the Years to Stay on the field... injury free.

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