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Return to Sport Analysis

Are you game ready?

Are you game ready? The most common predictor of injury is prior injury. Have you done all that you could to prevent re-injury?

This assessment was originally designed to assess biomechanical readiness of athletes working to return to sport after ACL reconstruction.  It was designed because there is a problem.  Re-tear rates with return to sport after ACL surgery are as high as 30%. This begs the question, "are we doing enough to screen athletes for more successful return to sport."  Most return to sport decisions are made based upon time after surgery or how far, how fast, how strong you can do something...Not HOW you perform the task. Does how far you can jump really matter if you take off or land in a manner that puts you at risk for injury? 

This Return to Sport Analysis is designed to assist you and your health care provider in making the decision about when to start the progressive return to sport post ACL reconstruction/rehabilitation. The analysis is also used for a return to sport analysis for any lower quarter injury (low back, hip, knee, foot or ankle) and as a pre-participation injury risk assessment.  Giving athletes in-depth knowledge into how their biomechanics contribute to current injury, performance efficiency or potential risk of injury. 

The assessment includes a high-speed motion analysis of the individual’s abilities with loading, shock absorption and stabilization during various movements common in sport (jumping/landing, cutting, etc.). Each movement is scored for the biomechanical tendencies that may put the athlete at risk for re-injury. The overall score can then be utilized to guide training to reduce injury risk, increase performance, as well as, guide return to sport timelines.  Analysis provides the athlete, and their doctor, physical therapist, athletic trainer or coach with in-depth knowledge into the biomechanics of the athletes movements and potential injury risk. 

With the information gathered from The Return to Sport Analysis a complete plan can be set out and executed to help you more safely achieve your athletic goals.

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