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Biomechanical Performance Analyses

Integrating Clinical Expertise with State of the Art Technology

Biomechanical Analyses at Doylestown Sports Medicine Center

Biomechanical performance analysis is the assessment of how you perform an activity, your form or mechanics of movement. Quality of life and performance depend on the individual’s ability to move effectively and efficiently.  Faulty movement patterns can lead to overuse of bone, joints, tendons, ligaments and muscle.  Overuse patterns can lead to pain and loss of performance.  Research shows that gaining strength and flexibility do not automatically correlate to a positive change in how you move.  Biomechanics is your how (your form/mechanics) and these analyses asses your how.

These cash based assessments have been utilized by individuals desiring in-depth knowledge into how their biomechanics contribute to current injury, performance efficiency or potential risk of injury.  Each analysis combines multiple state-of-the-art technologies to objectively measure the biomechanics of movement. Analysis provides the individual and their doctor, physical therapist, athletic trainer or coach with in-depth knowledge into the biomechanics of their movements.

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