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What to Expect

Patient's First Visit

​During that first visit DSMC establishes a strong personal and supportive relationship between the therapist and patient, which is maintained throughout the entire length of treatment and beyond.  Our center prides itself on having care and convenience for every client to aid in their comfortable recovery.  Patients are treated in a friendly environment with close attention to individual therapeutic needs.  The initial evaluation assesses the patient’s current state and creates a comprehensive path for recovery and to re-educate the body.  

Physical Therapy at DSMC strives to restore the patient to their healthy lifestyle of activity at home, work, and on the move.  Programs are designed to reduce pain, re-educate the body, establish proper range of motion, restore mobility, and reduce risk of future injury.  DSMC services range from orthopedic and sports rehab to occupational rehab and work hardening.  DSMC utilizes dynamic therapeutic methods to achieve optimal outcomes.

A licensed therapist evaluates all patients upon their first visit. This evaluation establishes a baseline to measure and track progress and includes medical history, history of condition to be treated, previous treatment or testing, evaluation and assessment of body area to be treated, discussion of the patient's personal goals, plan of care, and education on their condition. The therapist and patient then decide on a mutually convenient treatment session schedule. We are committed to providing flexible day, evening and weekend appointments designed to accommodate busy lifestyles, and eliminate lengthy "pre-appointment" waits.

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