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Recover Better With

Corrective Muscular Therapy

Corrective Muscular Therapy (CMT) aims to help deal with the discomforts and difficulties of recovering from an injury, chronic illness, physical therapy, and exercise.

Give Your Body the Freedom to Heal and Thrive

Corrective Muscular Therapy works through the muscles, fascia, bone, and tendons targeting your specific restrictions to remove the congestion points and systematically layer by layer restore efficient and effective flow. Taking the clamps off the hoses freeing up the lymphatic and circulatory systems. Giving your body the freedom to heal and thrive.

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Why Corrective Muscular Therapy?

Your Lymphatic System Works in Concert with Your Circulatory System

Alongside other healthy organs in the body, a healthy lymphatic and circulatory system help to boost your immune system; clearing the body of swelling, toxins, waste products, viruses, bacterias, illnesses and diseases.


At the same time working to deliver nutrients to the tissues and cells of your body that are needed to recover, heal, and thrive. 

Remember the body is made up of like 70% fluid and these systems are how that fluid moves around. It is like a series of hoses.  A watershed of smaller hoses feeding to larger ones. In recent years, lymphatic vessels were discovered where they were thought not to be, the brain. 

Movement of the fluid in the circulatory system is via the pumping of the heart while in the lymphatic system fluid is moved primarily by movements and contraction of muscles.

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