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Help a Friend or Family Member

Free Resources for our community's friends, families and loved ones who may be in pain.

How to help a friend or family member using this page

Simply email this web-page and ask the person to look below for the free tips report by the Doylestown Sports Medicine Center team that would help them the most.

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Back Pain Report Cover.png

Back Pain Resources

11 Quick & Easy Ways to Ease Nagging Back Pain

In just 9 pages, we'll show you what to do to ease nagging back pain from disrupting your day and live free from the torment of daily back pain.

Neck Pain.png

Neck Pain Resources

9 Simple Solutions to Alleviate Gnawing Neck Pain from Making Your Day Miserable

In just 8 pages, we'll show you how any person suffering with neck pain aged 40+ can stop it from making your day miserable, before it gets much worse!

Shoulder Pain Cover.png

Shoulder Pain Resources

7 Practical Techniques to Relieve Agonizing Shoulder Pain from Ruining Your Day

Learn how to stay active and rediscover pain-free shoulder movement with this essential reading for people aged 40+ who have been tormented by shoulder pain and stiffness.

Hip Pain Cover [ALT].png

Hip Pain Resources

7 Quick & Easy Tips You Can Do Now to Stop Disabling Hip Pain and Take Back Your Active Life

This report is perfect for anyone aged 40+ who have been suffering with annoying hip pain and stiffness who are frustrated with their lack of progress!

Knee Pain Cover.png

Knee Pain Resources

7 Day to Day Solutions to Take Debilitating Knee Pain Out of Your Life

This report shows any person in their 40's, 50's or 60's who have been tormented by daily knee pain how to rediscover easy daily movement naturally.

Foot & Ankle Pain Cover.png

Foot & Ankle Pain Resources

7 Steps You Can Take Now to Ease Dreadful Foot & Ankle Pain from Stopping You in Your Tracks

Tired of foot & ankle pain keeping you from doing the things you love to do? Reclaim your active and pain-free lifestyle with this booklet.

Running Pain Cover.png

Running Resources

7 Simple Steps to Avoid Pain with Running and Improve Your Performance

This report is perfect for any runner from the novice to the seasoned-pro. It doesn't matter what age you are or how long you've been dealing with your pain.

Sports Injury.png

Sport Injury Resources

7 Crucial Components You Should Know to Stop Sports Injuries and Keep Athletes on the Field

Frustrated that pain and injuries are keeping you from the sports and activities that you love? Worn down and not able to perform at the level you know you can?

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