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The first step of understanding the why behind your pain is to

Learn the Contributing Factors to Your Pain

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Understanding the Why Behind Your Pain...

Gives you power. Knowledge gives you control in seemingly uncontrollable situations or problems. Not knowing all the contributing factors behind you pain can lead to bad decisions.

It can lead to going down the wrong path OR going down the right path but not addressing all the contributing factors to your pain. Either way you end up with an unsatisfactory frustrating result and still in pain.
Having a diagnosis for your problem is one thing. It often brings comfort that there is a name for this thing that’s going on with me. That “I’m not the only one”. But what’s behind the diagnosis?


How did you come to this? How did you develop the stiffness, the loss of mobility, the weakness, and pain…that has left you unable to keep up and do the things you want to do? This is really the mystery that we need to solve.  The mystery of your problem, the mystery of your pain.
Understanding the why behind your pain is learning all the contributing factors to your pain. Only when you are armed with this knowledge can a complete plan be created to address your pain. Giving you the control and power for the best possible shot at achieving the best possible physical version of yourself!

Exploring Your Contributing Factors

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What Causes Pain?

Forces cause pain. Forces beyond what the structures of your body can withstand. They can be high intensity and short duration forces like in the case of direct trauma.  A collision on a football field, a fall off a ladder, a motor vehicle accident to name a few.  On the other end of the spectrum they can be low intensity long duration forces. As with the case of most repetitive overuse type injuries.

​The three forces your body has to control are compression (being squeezed together), traction (being pulled apart), and shearing (one structure being slid on another).  Now your body can recover and rebuild from a lot of stress and strain caused when these forces are uncontrolled, until it can't.  You hit a point where your bodies ability to repair after the insult of these uncontrolled forces is exceeded.  Basically the breakdown exceeds the recovery and you get pain and injury.

Do You Know The Contributing Factors To Your Pain or Physical Limitation? 

Below you’ll find the contributing factors that lead to the imbalance, overload and overuse that increases stress and strain on tissues leading to breakdown and eventual pain and injury.  You're welcome to explore each of the contributing factors to find clues as to which ones are contributing to your pain. 

​Or inquire about scheduling an evaluation with one of our experts to guide you through the process????

Your next step... The DSMC Comprehensive Evaluation

Now that you have an understanding of the factors that could be contributing to you pain the next logical step is to put all the pieces together and then form the right action plan to address them. It's time to get back to doing the things that you're missing out on. We can help!

The next logical step for most people is to schedule a DSMC Comprehensive Evaluation with one of our specialists. 

This may all seem still a little complicated. Don’t worry you're on your way to a solution. You have the clues we just need to put them together. 

This may seem difficult to you right now.  But remember that everything that you do easily now was once difficult. What was once big and overwhelming now seems small and routine. Many of times you have gone from fear to confidence, from difficulty to easy, uncertain to competent. All you need is the right team to help you get there.

The DSMC Comprehensive Evaluation is perfect for those people who are ready to go and what to start working on this problem now.  One of our specialists will  systematically uncover all the contributing factors to your pain for you. Once uncovered we will show how each is linked and contributing to your pain. We will also uncover any other compensations that have begun because of your pain so the can be addressed before they become the next pain. After this together we can create your Action Plan on how to ease this pain and take back your life.

Want Help Deciding if DSMC is Right For You?

Learn More About How to Ease Pain

Our mission is to build lifelong relationships by empowering people to make better health and wellness decisions and providing the ultimate healing and performance experience through clinical expertise in a warm and uplifting environment.

Claim one of our FREE tip reports containing valuable information to help you start the healing process right NOW...  In each report you'll find information that has been helping the people of Doylestown and the surrounding communities regain their lives from pain and injury for over 30 years.

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