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Stay Active, Mobile and Healthy with Doylestown Sports Medicine Center

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What is an evaluation?

At Doylestown Sports Medicine Center, we're dedicated to providing personalized care to help you recover from injuries and enhance your physical performance. Requesting an evaluation is the first step towards achieving your wellness goals.

An evaluation is a comprehensive assessment conducted by our experienced physical therapists.


During this session, we'll examine your condition, assess your range of motion, identify any areas of discomfort or pain, and develop a customized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

Image showing a clinician measuring a patient's knee's range of motion.

Want Help Deciding if DSMC is Right For You?

Learn More About How to Ease Pain

Our mission is to build lifelong relationships by empowering people to make better health and wellness decisions and providing the ultimate healing and performance experience through clinical expertise in a warm and uplifting environment.

Claim one of our FREE tip reports containing valuable information to help you start the healing process right NOW...  In each report you'll find information that has been helping the people of Doylestown and the surrounding communities regain their lives from pain and injury for over 30 years.

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