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6 Types of Exercise to Improve Your Mobility

Woman placing down a Yoga mat.

​Are you worried that you’re not moving around as easily as you used to?

Losing mobility as you age is a scary thought for most people. Not being able to do basic things such as walk the dog, work around the house, or going out with friends is a huge loss to someone who has been independent for their entire life.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom! We’ve spoken to hundreds of patients who have experienced poor mobility and have been told by their doctor that it’s just part of getting old.

​In this blog we explore the 6 types of exercise you can do to improve your mobility and even maintain it.

Why Is It Important to Improve Your Mobility?​

Persson hanging dust filter in their bathroom ceiling fan.

​Mobility is simply described as the way we get around and move, like walking, or the level of movement in your arms for example.

This is an integral part of people’s lives and enables them to look after themselves. For people with poor mobility and stiff joints, it can be a challenge to carry out basic self-care tasks such as bathing or dressing.

​To retain your independence in later life, you should maintain and improve your mobility, and the best way to do this is through exercise.

Learn how Mobility can contribute to pain by clicking here.

6 Types of Exercise to Improve Your Mobility

​The following types of exercise are low impact exercises that can be useful to anyone who is already experiencing some limited movement or is looking to improve their range of movement.


Woman swimming in pool looking to the left towards the edge of the swimming pool.

​Swimming is an extremely popular way to stay in shape and has some fantastic perks as well!

Water gives you a weightless feeling when you’re in it. This weightlessness means exercising in water doesn’t put strain on your joints compared to land-based sports like jogging.

We often see runners in our clinics with knee injuries and sore joints.

Whilst recovering from their injuries they go swimming to reduce impact on their sore spots, and they even end up carrying it on after they’re injury is resolved.

​It’s an ideal way for people like you who suffer from aching or stiff joints to gain movements they never thought possible without experiencing pain during and after they’ve finished their activity.

Water Aerobics

Image of 6 older individuals performing water aerobic exercises.

​Aqua aerobics classes may seem daunting to a newcomer. But it’s a huge amount of fun!

As well as helping you burn calories, aqua aerobics is great at making you more flexible and improving the range of movement in your arms and legs.

As if the benefits couldn’t get any better, aqua aerobics will hugely benefit your posture, muscle tone and even your balance.

​It looks like it’s time to book in for the next class…


Image of person's heel as they're running on a trail.

​Although this time of year may not be the greatest for getting out for a walk, it’s certainly an easy way to improve your mobility.

For people over the age of 60, increasing the amount you walk is good for maintaining and improving your mobility.

Did you know that just 1 hour of walking a week can improve your mobility as you age? It can also help increase the muscle strength in your lower body, which means you also have a lower risk of experiencing a fall.

If you’re going to try and get out for some extra walking after reading this, make sure to wrap up warm!


Image of a group of people doing Pilates.

​Pilates is a fantastic way to improve your mobility and the range of motion in your joints for anyone, but it is especially effective in older people.

Pilates focuses on dynamic movements rather than static stretches.

This style of movement encourages your body to stretch and be flexible as well as building up tone from repeated movement.

If the thought of a Pilates class fills you with dread, worry not!

You can even do Pilates from the comfort of your own home. If you’re technology savvy and have access to YouTube, there are hundreds of Pilates workouts that start at beginner all the way to expert.

It’s fantastic if you’re a little nervous about joining a class or you want to see the level you’re currently at.


Image of a dance group practicing.

​This option is as much fun as it is fantastic at improving your mobility!

Going along to a dance class is a great way to stay mobile while also building up your general fitness and making new friends.

There are so many dance styles to choose from that offer you the best chance of increasing mobility, but these are some we’ve picked out!

  • Jazz

  • Salsa

  • Tap

  • Ballroom

Another advantage of attending a dance class is that you can start from beginner and learn a new skill as well as getting fitter and improving your mobility.

And if you don’t want to go to the class on your own, remember, it takes two to tango!

Exercise Classes

Image of a spin class.

​Most gyms, community centers, or leisure centers will offer exercise classes with varying themes from aerobics to chair exercises.

A class that could be useful if you want to improve your mobility are ‘body pump’ classes.

These classes teach very light weightlifting designed to build up muscle tone slowly and gently whilst increasing the range of movement you get with your arms.

This type of class can also help to improve your balance, coordination and lowers your risk of experiencing a fall.

Not only are exercise classes a fantastic opportunity to exercise, they also enable you to explore new hobbies that you haven’t thought about doing before.

​You can also make new friends who share the same goal of maintaining healthy independence into older years.

How Can Physical Therapy Can Help Restore Mobility?

Image of a person's mobility being measured at Doylestown Sports Medicine Center.

​Have you noticed your mobility and range of movement getting worse?

As we get older it’s a well-known fact that we become stiffer and experience aches and pains from time to time. Although your doctor may tell you this is just a part of getting old, we believe it doesn’t have to be.

​At Doylestown Sports Medicine Center we treat hundreds of patients who experience bothersome pains and nasty aches that impact their mobility and their ability to function independently.

But they can all tell you that mobility can be improved and if not, completely restored after treatment. We offer a limited number of FREE physical therapy consultations where you can talk to one of our friendly clinicians and discover the best treatment options for you.

​To arrange your FREE physical therapy consultation with one of the team, complete our simple webform, or if you prefer to talk over the telephone, you can call us at (215) 348-0666.

Other FREE Resources to Improve Your Mobility

We also have FREE, downloadable reports for people with Back Pain, Knee Pain, Neck Pain or Sports Injuries


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